1 to 1 nutrition programme of support

Feel like nothing is working to manage your health condition?

Want to feel more in control of your health again?

Need someone to help you get back on track with your health?

Worried nutritional therapy will mean having to cook everything from scratch and you won't have time to do it?

Worried that you'll have to make too many changes at once which you don't have the energy for?

If so, a 1 to 1 programme of nutrition support could help you.

How can a programme of nutrition support help you?

For anyone with more chronic health conditions such as hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, perimenopausal symptoms or IBS then working together over a longer period of time can bring better results.

This is because it can take a while to get the body back in balance. That is why I believe the best way of working together is a package of nutritional support. This gives you an intensive period of support to be able to make changes at a pace that works for you.

Nutritional therapy does not work overnight, but by working together and gradually making improvements to your diet and lifestyle, you should start to see improvements to your health.

A package of ongoing support and advice can help improve your energy levels, reduce hormonal symptoms, improve digestive complaints and reduce pain levels.


How does the programme work?

You decide whether you want to start with weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions and how frequently you need the sessions as the programme progresses.

You will be sent a food diary and nutrition questionnaire to complete before your appointment, to allow me understand more about your health concerns, current diet and lifestyle. It also gives me chance to do some research on any supplements and medications you are currently taking.

The first session will be a 90-minute consultation and we'll delve deep into your symptoms to work out where the imbalances are in the body and what might have caused them. We'll also talk about your food preferences, how much time you have for cooking, along with talking about your lifestyle, sleep patterns and ways you relax.

We will agree a pace of working that suits you and the type of support you would find most helpful so that I can tailor a package of diet, supplement and lifestyle support that works for you.

I will also make any recommendations for tests that may be helpful from your GP or private testing companies.

Recommendations that work for you

I know how hard it is to make changes to your diet and lifestyle when you are feeling tired and unwell - I did it too and it was tough going!

That is why I want to make nutritional therapy achievable for you and help you achieve long term changes to your health. It is no good being given a really strict dietary regime that may well bring you health benefits, but just feels too difficult or complicated to do or makes you feel so miserable that you don’t do it.

Your nutrition plan will be tailored to you as an individual. It will take account of any food likes and dislikes as well as your lifestyle and how much time you have for cooking. Do not be put off from trying nutritional therapy if you do not have much time or energy for cooking – we can adapt to find something that is manageable for you.

We will work at your pace and agree a plan together that feels achievable for you.

I break my recommendations down into small, manageable steps and give you plenty of practical tips, recipes and shopping suggestions to help you implement the suggested changes.

Ongoing review and support

We will then build on this each session, review progress and make further changes.

The regular support helps to address any questions or challenges you are facing straight away and to refine the plan on an ongoing basis. It is also a good way to keep up your motivation to achieve your health goals and keep you on track.

Some people find it helpful to have some accountability to help them make changes – and having a weekly or fortnightly call to talk about your progress is a great way to do this.

In the final session I will prepare a maintenance nutrition plan for you to use going forward.

If you feel you would like further support at the end of the programme, or some maintenance sessions to keep you on track, you can always book follow-up appointments.

What you get in a nutrition programme

An understanding of what might be driving your health problems and how you can manage them

Improvements in energy, hormone balance, pain and digestive symptoms

Regular support to keep you motivated and on track

Personalised diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to bring about improvements in your health

Tips to help you make changes such as recipes and shopping suggestions

Research into any medications taken, nutrient interactions or nutrient depletions, pharmacist checked through Practice with Confidence membership

GP letter for referral for relevant tests if appropriate

Recommendations for private testing to further understand your health condition if appropriate

Personalised maintenance nutrition plan at the end of the programme

5% discount on recommended supplements

Bronze programme

  • 3 sessions of support
  • For example, 1 session a month over 3 months

Silver programme

  • 6 sessions of support
  • For example, fortnightly sessions of support over 3 months

Gold programme

  • 12 sessions of support
  • For example, fornightly sessions of support over 6 months.