"I feel much healther, my Endo pain eased and I even lost some weight. Emma was fantastic and any changes made were gradual, Emma was also very flexible with my package and allowed these to be spread out so we could plan around post and pre surgery"

– Teresa –

"It has greatly improved my management of my endo symptoms which in turn had made me feel much more in control and empowered, so a massive impact! Emma was really down to earth and knowledgeable. The advice was easy to follow and it genuinely felt like catching up with a friend!"

– Vanessa –

"Emma is a very calm and understanding nutritionist, I felt very comfortable sharing with her all details about my health. Significantly increased my energy levels, reduced my menstrual flow."

– Katia –

"Emma having been through a lot of the same things as me, it really made the programme feel relevant. Thanks, was so useful and interesting!"

– MJ –

I appreciated having a space to talk about the way my conditions affect me The programme was very tailored to me You explained the ways the hormones work, so the science behind it. I found our sessions really great and have learnt a lot and made a lot of changes. Thank you Emma."

"Less pain, more energy. Allowing myself time to relax which I wasn't doing before. Just want to say thank you for everything, it feels good to be able to take control of your own health and you enable people to do that. "

– Sophie –

"The most useful part of the program and consultation was having a better understanding of endometriosis and how diet plays an important part affecting hormones and inflammation."

– Anna –

"Emma listened and addressed all my concerns, she would support me with any reactions to stop or restart a supplement. Emma would also adapt my programme based to external circumstances. My pain has decreased a lot, I have lots of options for healthy smoothies and snacks that support my situation and health. Emma always had a possible test or solution for some of my concerns and this has helped to discard them. I recommend Emma 100%"

– Jess –

"The tips were achievable and didn't feel overwhelming. It's a great programme, tailored for your individual needs. Loved the recipe book (I make several meals out if it on a weekly basis). Most importantly- it's reduced my negative symptoms with endometriosis and has improved my quality of life. I look forward to a follow up appointment"

– Lucy –

"I feel that it has helped to bring my hormones into better balance and help to reduce some of the symptoms of peri-menopause such as night sweats. I also feel more in control of managing my blood sugar levels which was causing a lot of fatigue. I feel I have a better understanding of which types of food I need for my particular symptoms and what their health benefits are. I found the sessions very supportive and thorough"

– Joanne –

"It has allowed me to become more conscious about what I eat, understand myself better and also what I can do if I do experience symptoms"

– Catarina –

"I haven't had any real flare ups of the IBS in recent weeks which has helped to make me feel better. It has encouraged me to go further with the help of the protocol & recommended supplements. Emma was very professional and extremely knowledgeable and helpful."

– Sue –

"The lactose intolerance diagnosis has been life changing. It has been marvellous to have Emma’s kindly, supportive guidance in determining long term digestive issues"

– Jo –

“It was all very useful. The questionnaire was really fascinating in what it asked - but the zoom call was the most useful in how Emma pulled lifestyle and diet together. I hadn't made the very close connection between sugar/ lack of complex carbohydrates/ sleeplessness and anxiety"

– Shirley –

"It was great to have someone non-judgemental listen to my situation and provide personalised feedback and advice"