Health MOT

What is a Health MOT?

We know the importance of taking our car in for a regular MOT and service to ensure it stays in good working order and does not break down, but how often do we apply this thinking to our own health?

The Health MOT is a one off appointment designed to give you advice and a nutrition plan to take forward for any niggling health concerns you may have, for example hormonal imbalances, low energy, headaches, digestive problems, skin problems, frequent infections etc.

This could be useful if you have seen a nutritional therapist in the past or tried different things yourself but want to review your diet and supplement regime. It could also be useful if you are starting to experience new symptoms that you want to nip in the bud or are having a flare-up of a previous health condition that you want to get back on track again.


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How does the Health MOT work?

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You will be sent a food diary and nutrition questionnaire to complete before the appointment, so that I can do some initial preparation and get a better idea of your health goals, current diet, lifestyle and look at any supplements and medications that you are currently taking.

The appointment will last for 90 minutes where we will discuss your health goals in more detail, what you have tried already and what has helped your symptoms and what makes them worse. We will also talk about your food preferences and cooking habits along with lifestyle factors like your sleep quality and how you relax.

I will then formulate a personalised nutrition plan for you, with dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. I will also give you some suggestions and ideas for how you can implement the recommendations in the plan.

Your nutrition plan will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your appointment.

What you get with the Health MOT

Analysis of food diary and nutrition questionnaire before the appointment

90 minute appointment

Research into any medications taken, nutrient interactions or nutrient depletions, pharmacist checked through Practice with Confidence membership

Research into suitable supplements

GP letter for referral for relevant tests if appropriate

Recommendations for private testing to further understand your health condition if appropriate

Personalised nutrition plan

5% discount on recommended supplements

Cost - £120 (prices reflect time spent researching and preparing your plan before and after the consultation)

Book a free 30 minute hormone health review.

Want to get some ideas on how to manage your hormonal problems?

Not sure about nutritional therapy and just want to chat things through, no problem.

Follow-up appointments

Follow-up appointments are shorter appointments designed for use either after the HEALTH MOT or after completing a 3, 6 or 12 session nutrition programme.

They can be used to deliver further support on a less intense basis than the nutrition programmes, review progress or to respond to test results that have shown something that needs a new plan.

Follow-up appointments last for 60 minutes and you will receive a revised nutrition plan 48 hours after your appointment.


What you get with a follow-up appointment

60 minute appointment

Further research into your condition, medication and supplements

Interpretation of any test results

Second personalised nutrition plan

5% discount on recommended supplements

Cost - £80 (prices reflect time to research and prepare your plan after the consultation)