Health MOT

Want to check if your diet is on track for the health condition you are managing?

Wondering if supplements could help but don't know where to start?

Already taking supplements but not sure if they are helping?

Looking for some new ideas about how to manage your health?

Seen a nutritional therapist before and just need a review?

If yes, the Health MOT appointment could be for you

What is a Health MOT?

The Health MOT is a one off appointment designed to give you diet, supplement and lifestyle advice for any niggling health concerns you may have.

It can be useful for advice on:

  • supporting your immune health and getting rid of frequent infections.
  • improving your sleep quality.
  • getting more energy.
  • managing stress.
  • reducing headaches.
  • dealing with UTIs and cystitis.
  • reviewing supplements you are taking.


If you are experiencing more chronic symptoms such as PMS, endometriosis, perimenopausal symptoms or digestive problems like IBS, then a 1 to 1 nutrition programme of support may be more suitable for you.

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How does the Health MOT work?

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You will be sent a food diary and nutrition questionnaire to complete before the appointment, so that I have a better idea of your health goals and concerns, current diet and lifestyle before we meet. I'll also do some research on any supplements and medications that you are already taking.

The appointment will last for 90 minutes where we will discuss your health goals and concerns in more detail, what you have tried already and what has helped your symptoms and what makes them worse. We will also talk about your food preferences, how much time you have for cooking, along with lifestyle factors like your sleep quality and how you relax.

We will then work together to agree a personalised nutrition plan, with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations that will work for you and feels manageable to do. I will also give you suggestions and ideas for how you can implement the recommendations in the plan.

Your nutrition plan will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your appointment.

What you get with the Health MOT

More understanding about the reasons for your health symptoms and how you can manage them

A clear idea about the types of foods that will help your health condition as well as those you may want to avoid

Lifestyle recommendations to help manage stress and improve energy

Supplement recommendations tailored to you

Research into any medications taken, nutrient interactions or nutrient depletions, pharmacist checked through Practice with Confidence membership

GP letter for referral for relevant tests if appropriate

Recommendations for private testing to further understand your health condition if appropriate

5% discount on recommended supplements

Cost - £125 (prices reflect time spent researching and preparing your plan before and after the consultation)

Book a free 30 minute hormone health review.

Want to get some ideas on how to manage your hormonal problems?

Not sure about nutritional therapy and just want to chat things through, no problem.

Follow-up appointments

Follow-up appointments are shorter 60 minute appointments designed for use either after the Health MOT or after completing a 3, 6 or 12 session nutrition programme.

They can be used to deliver further support when needed, review progress, make amendments to your nutrition plan, help keep you on track and motivated, interpret test results and get further advice on responding to test results.

You will receive a revised nutrition plan 48 hours after your appointment.


What you get with a follow-up appointment

Motivation to keep going with your nutrition plan and help keeping on track with your health goals

Ideas to help you make changes in any areas you are struggling with

Interpretation of any test results

Changes to your nutrition plan in response to any test results or new symtoms

Supplement review and check against any new medications

5% discount on recommended supplements

Cost - £80 (prices reflect time to research and prepare your plan after the consultation)